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Clean Room

Created by SPF's own technicians, our clean room is a class 100 facility.  Some of our custom fabricated products have the need to pass through our state-of-the-art clean room in order to meet industry standards and customer specifications. 

In today's world, micro-contamination is a serious concern among many industries, and to eliminate any issues and ensure maximum satisfaction, we have developed a facility that excels in quality control. 

Based on each individual need, these products can be:

  • Tested
  • Cleaned
  • Packaged (nitrogen vacuum & triple package)
  • Assembled

It all takes place under one roof.  SPF takes care of all steps to ensure that once the product is delivered to our customers, it can go immediately into their clean room, lab, tools or products without the risk of contamination.  We also offer our clients the option of renting one of our clean rooms for specific projects.

 Please contact one of our staff members to find out more information about our clean room facility.



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